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Find the right memory for your IBM machine

IBM memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your IBM machine in just two more clicks! Here at Memory Active, we've got nearly twenty years experience in the complex RAM market. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right memory for your IBM machine.

Why not select a machine type first? This means you won't be wading through hundreds of ranges below:

Desktop Desktop Netbook (UMPC) Netbook (UMPC) Notebook Notebook POS Printer Printer Server Server Tablet Thin Client Thin Client Workstation Workstation


Which range is your computer in - for example if you have a Dell Optiplex GX110, the range is Optiplex.

Please select the range of your IBM machine from the list below.

185 Express Memory (1)Netfinity 3000 Pii Memory (1)Surepos 700 Series Memory (8)
285 Express Memory (1)Netfinity 3000 Piii Memory (4)Surepos 720 Series Memory (4)
3000 Memory (86)Netfinity 3500 M10 Memory (3)System I Servers Memory (8)
Anyplace Kiosk Series Memory (48)Netfinity 3500 M20 Memory (1)System P Servers Memory (22)
Aptiva Memory (13)Netfinity 3500 Model Memory (6)System P5 Pseries Server Memory (14)
Bladecenter Memory (80)Netfinity 4000R Model Memory (1)System X Servers Memory (175)
Eserver i5 Series Memory (3)Netfinity 5000 Memory (9)Thinkcentre Memory (462)
Eserver Openpower Memory (2)Netfinity 5100 Memory (3)Thinkpad A Series Memory (38)
Eserver Pseries Memory (4)Netfinity 5500 Memory (5)Thinkpad Edge Memory (13)
Essential Memory (8)Netfinity 5500 M10 Memory (6)Thinkpad G Series Memory (12)
Idataplex DX360 M2 Memory (1)Netfinity 5600 Memory (1)Thinkpad I Series Memory (16)
IDEacentre Memory (4)Netfinity 6000R Memory (1)Thinkpad L Series Memory (1)
IDEapad Memory (127)Netfinity 7100 Memory (8)Thinkpad M Series Memory (1)
Intellistation Memory (3)Netfinity 7600 Series Memory (1)Thinkpad Other Series Memory (62)
Intellistation A Pro Memory (4)Netfinity Xseries Memory (2)Thinkpad R Series Memory (166)
Intellistation E Pro Pentium 4 Memory (14)Netvista Memory (81)Thinkpad S Series Memory (11)
Intellistation E Pro Pentium Ii Memory (5)Notebook Series Memory (1)Thinkpad T Series Memory (205)
Intellistation E Pro Pentium Iii Memory (18)Optra Memory (20)Thinkpad W Series Memory (25)
Intellistation M Pro Memory (10)Palmpad Memory (1)Thinkpad X Series Memory (141)
Intellistation M Pro Pentium 4 Memory (3)PC 300GL Memory (67)Thinkpad Z Series Memory (33)
Intellistation M Pro Pentium Ii Memory (9)PC 300PL Memory (6)Thinkserver Memory (24)
Intellistation M Pro Pentium Iii Memory (9)RS/6000 44P Series Memory (2)Thinkstation Memory (11)
Intellistation Power Series Memory (6)SurePOS 300 Series Memory (12)Workpad Memory (2)
Intellistation Z Pro Memory (15)Surepos 4694 Series Memory (4)
Netfinity Memory (89)Surepos 500/600 Series Memory (6)

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9707 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your IBM machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

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